Amazing, scratch-built rolling stock models depicting
real world prototypes
that never were...but Could Have Been!
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Circumstances permitting, I will be  at the October 3rd and 4th, 2020 Great Scale Model Train Show
at the Timonium Fairgrounds! I look forward to returning to show you what I have been up to,
becoming re-acquainted with old friends and meeting new ones!

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... many new models and dioramas will soon be posted….please keep checking ...


For decades, world class rail modeler Howard Zane has produced scratch built, custom structures of all kinds in HO and O scales for model railroads - his own, and hundreds if not thousands of others. It stands to reason; he started as a young man in his twenties drawing architectural renderings and building scale structures depicting development and construction projects.

The skill was transferred to his rail modeling avocation when he was, at last, able to start work on his own HO scale railroad empire, known as the Piermont Division.

Although fictional, the Piermont is filled with scenes and structures you would swear you have seen before. And the reason for this is that you HAVE seen them before, in bustling, gritty communities and dusty, out of the way places. And as you can see on this page and elsewhere on this site, his craft and precision hold up under the closest scrutiny.

Now retired from operating the Great Scale Model Train Shows for over 3 decades, Howard turns his attention on a full time basis to one of his greatest loves - building model structures and layout projects.

Following the links below, you will see dozens of models which are available for sale; and if nothing here is exactly what you want, Howard can turn your vision into a reality. The scope of Howard's work is virtually unlimited. He will undertake projects from a simple structure to an entire layout.

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